Thursday, June 27, 2019
11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EST
via Zoom –

Download the Meeting Agenda HERE

Meeting Documents:

Minutes from May 5, 2019 Mtg.

Audit Committee Report: 2018 
Audited Financial Statements and 990

Treasurer’s Report   

Membership Committee Report 

Conference Committee Report 

Fund Development Committee Report   

AER Request for VSA’s Endorsement of its
Bill of Rights for All Children with Visual Impairment and Their Families

President’s Report

NEXT MEETING:  September 18, 2019


Documents for Board Retreat:

2019 Membership Survey Responses:

Formats available for download:


MS Excel


Meeting documents:

12/12/2018 Agenda  (46 KB)

Minutes from 10/28/18 Meeting (48 KB)


NOV 2018 BS (42 KB)

NOV 2018 PL (50 KB)

2019 Budget (76 KB)




Here are the documents for the meeting:


10-28-18 Board Agenda   (58 KB)


BOARD MINUTES – 9.19.18  (58 KB)

BOARD MINUTES – 10.16.18   (59 KB)


SEPT 2018 BS  (41 KB)

Sept 2018 PL  (50 KB)

Treasurer’s Report:

VisionServe Investment Report 09-30-18   (51 KB)

DRAFT 2019 Budget  (74 KB)

CEO Update:

Vision Bill Initial Themes  (14KB)

Committee Reports:
Old Business:

MOU/Prevent Blindness   (58 KB)

Here are the documents for the meeting:


Board Meeting 9.19.18 AGENDA (53 KB)

Alignment Discussion:

VSA PB Alignment Memo (402 KB)


Minutes 7-11-18 (62 KB)

8/30/18 Minutes (55 KB)


AUG 2018 BS (47 KB)

Aug 2018 PL (57 KB)

Excellence in Leadership Award:

FASB Nomination Robert Kelly (709 KB)

Cathy Holden Excellence in Managerial Leadership Award:

Rod Haneline (302 KB)

Laura Park Leach (172 KB)

Brenda Wendling (49 KB)

Lifetime Achievement:

Cathy Holden (20 KB)

CEO Report

Executive Session

Board meeting will start at 3:00 pm EST.

Here are the documents for the meeting:

Board Meeting Agenda 7/11/2018 (63 KB)

Minutes 4/29/18  (54 KB)

Financials – June 30, 2018

JUNE 2018 BS  (35 KB)

JUNE 2018 PL  (44 KB)

Quarterly Investment Report – 2nd Quarter (24 KB)

Policies and Procedures:

Internet Postings-corporate (54 KB)

Personal Social Media (53 KB)

Proposed Dues Increases (60 KB)

VSA Associate brochure (142 KB)

Board meeting will start at 3:00 pm EST.

Here are the documents for the meeting:

Board Meeting 2/28/18 Agenda (43KB MS Word)

Minutes from 12/17/17 Meeting (41KB MS Word)

Jan ’18 B.S. (35KB MS Excel)

Jan ’18 P & L (45KB MS Excel)

Investment Policy (166KB MS Word)

The VisionServe Alliance Board of Directors met (via phone) on December 13, 2017. The meeting was called to order at 2:01 pm CST.

Members Present: Mark Ackermann (Chair), Michael Bina, Lauren Branch, Bernadette Kappen (Vice-Chair), Roxann Mayros (President), Mike McGowan, John Mitchell (Secretary), David Morgan, Thomas Panek, Steve Pouliot (Treasurer), and Renee Vidrine. Wendy Hymes was an attending staff member.

Meeting Agenda (40KB MSWord)

Nov. 5 Meeting Minutes  (23KB MSWord)

2018 Draft Member Priority Goals (744KB MSWord)

2018 Draft Budget  (72KB MSWord)

Dec. 13 Meeting Minutes (41KB MSWord)

Next meeting rescheduled for February 28, 2018 at 3:00 pm EST