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Blindfold Games is a collection of over 80 accessible audio games for vision-impaired people of all ages.  Games include card games, TV Game Show games, puzzle games, sports games, word games, casino games and action games.  Over 10,000 people worldwide enjoy the games; all available as a free download for iPhone or iPad with upgrades for extended play and additional features.

Some of the Blindfold Games are used by TVIs and VRTs for educational purposes, building student skills, such as O&M, to be successful in the digital classroom and in taking online assessments.

Based on what we’ve already created, teachers are requesting that we extend the games into curriculum for vision-impaired preK-12 students and tie the student’s game performance to the goals and objectives established by teachers.

We can track the student’s performance in each game in a cloud-based dashboard, enabling all members of the student’s educational plan – teachers, therapists, specialists and parents – to monitor the student’s progress.

From simple skills like Sequencing to Grade-level Spelling to Coordinate Geometry, our games will be built as a collaborative effort between game designers and curriculum experts

Working together, we will create a new company that develops and market these educational games as part of a sustainable business that will have a long-term positive impact.

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