Researcher at microscopeRelevant research and data are important tools for leaders to develop specialized vision rehabilitation programs, make high level decisions, and in reporting to boards of directors.  VisionServe Alliance strives to be on the forefront of participating in, creating, and gathering in one place the results of surveys, research, studies, and more in the blindness and visual impairment field.  We do this in two ways—by continually posting the most current research and industry data within the Members-Only section of our website, and by producing:

Bi-Annual Compensation and Benefits Surveys

VisionServe Alliance is the only organization in the field of blindness and visual impairment to administer a professional and comprehensive compensation and benefits survey for executive level positions as well as vision rehabilitation therapists, teachers of the visually impaired, and occupational therapists.  The Compensation and Benefits Survey is tailored to your region of the country. Survey results may be purchased by non-members for $500, but is offered FREE for members who participate in the survey, and offered to members who do not participate in the survey for $250.

Annual Financial Rankings:

VisionServe Alliance analyzes assets, income, and expenses for 250 nonprofit organizations providing services to people with vision loss.  This report is provided FREE to members and available to non-members for $100.

VisionServe Alliance and its members are currently participating in the following research studies:

  • Facebook Accessibility by Older Americans Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired in partnership with Facebook
  • Reading Pleasure Derived From Using Tablets in partnership with Wichita State University and Envision Research Institute
  • Best Practices in Serving Older Individuals Who Are Blind in partnership with Mississippi State’s Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision

Contact us at if you have questions about these member benefits or would like more information about joining VisionServe Alliance.