Roxann Mayros headshotRoxann Mayros is the Chief Executive Officer of VisionServe Alliance, a national consortium of 110+ nonprofit organizations serving people with severe vision loss, including adult rehabilitation, low vision clinics, employers of people who are blind, dog guide schools, Braille producers, schools for the blind, early intervention programs and advocacy groups.  Roxann has been the Executive Director/CEO of three major vision rehabilitation agencies serving babies to grannies, and has served in leadership roles on several national boards of directors and advisory councils that focus on vision loss.  In her current position, she has created a knowledge network and support system for leaders in vision rehabilitation, promoted best practices nationwide, led a national effort for third party reimbursement, facilitated many collaborative projects, and galvanized individuals and groups around issues of national relevance such as the Low Vision Rehabilitation Demonstration Project and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Roxann has provided expert consultation in nonprofit management, strategic planning, board development, environmental scans, and organizational turn-arounds.  Roxann holds a Bachelor’s degree in business, a Master’s degree in nonprofit management, and certificates in nonprofit leadership.