Current Purpose Statement: The Audit Committee selects the outside auditor, meets with the auditor to receive the audit report and management letter, and discusses the management letter with the full board and the senior staff.  While there may be some overlap in membership with the Finance Committee, the chair of the Finance Committee and the treasurer should not be on the Audit Committee. Likewise, the chair of the board and the CEO should not be on the Audit Committee.

Term: Two Years; preferably with staggered terms 

Membership: BOD and General VSA Members are eligible to serve on this committee. 

Annual Calendar/Schedule of Specific Tasks to be Addressed:

  • Committee Chair Confirmed in November; members confirmed in December
  • Committee meets with Auditor w/o CEO in November to prepare for upcoming Audit
  • Review annual audit and 990 with auditor prior to presentation to full BOD.
  • Oversees the selection of Auditor every 5 – 7 years

Current Membership:

  • Renee Vidrine, Chair  Lighthouse Louisiana
  • Ken Warkentin, Valley Center for the Blind
  • Steve Pouliot, Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Date of Update: June 2019