Purpose: The Fund Development Committee will work with staff and other committees as appropriate to provide:

  • guidance concerning all revenue generating initiatives as necessary and appropriate;
  • input into and approval of plans for new revenue-generating business initiatives;
  • development and implementation of annual fundraising plans

Term: Two Years and Renewable

Membership: BOD and general members; between 8 and 12 total

Annual Calendar/Schedule of Specific Tasks to be Addressed:

  • Revenue Goals for Annual Budget/1 Year Plan, asap and then in November/Annual Planning meeting each year
  • Quarterly Committee and Staff Rocks established in January, April, July and October
  • Committee Chair Confirmed in November; member confirmed in December

Current Membership:

  • Erika Petach, Chair  Blind and Vision Rehab Services – Pittsburgh
  • Thomas Panek, Guiding Eyes
  • Lauren Branch, NewView Oklahoma
  • Mike Gilliam, San Antonio Lighthouse
  • Denise Jess, Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Lee Nasehi, VisionServe Alliance

Date of Update: June 21, 2019