There is an urgent issue brought to our attention by the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) for the American people to respond to BEFORE July 4th to help pass legislation that supports independence for our nation’s veterans.

Visit the BVA website and Click here to take action.

“Blinded Veterans Association requests that Congressional leadership place H.R. 3504, S. 3587, and H.R. 4920 on the calendar prior to July 4 to honor our nation’s blinded veterans in their pursuit to regain independence. These bipartisan bills will dramatically improve the lives of our visually impaired veterans and BVA urges Congress to act swiftly in pushing these bills on to the White House. This legislation will:

  1. Allow blinded veterans to regain their independence by granting access to VA’s Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) program. H.R. 3504 would ensure that service-connected blinded veterans are eligible to adapt their homes with the technology needed for independent living.
  2. Allow blinded veterans and blinded employees to access critical information within Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) systems. S. 3587 (which amended H.R. 1199) will compel VA’s compliance with the Rehabilitation Act, as well as require reporting on progress, ensuring that disabled veterans are able to utilize these websites independently.
  3. Allows blinded veterans the freedom to secure meaningful employment opportunities with H.R. 4920 and the AbilityOne contracting program. AbilityOne companies employ blinded and visually impaired veterans, a population with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Ensuring that VA continues to contract these companies will safeguard crucial employment opportunities for this vulnerable population.”

“Each one of these bipartisan measures has already cleared every hurdle in the House and Senate. The next step, and the final one, is to place it on the House calendar so that representatives can unanimously consent. We urge Congress to take the final step and add these vital pieces of legislation to the calendar today. Together, we can truly celebrate Independence Day!”

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