Purpose:  The purpose of the Membership Committee is to review annually membership levels and corresponding dues and benefits and make recommendations to the board.  Create programs and services that provide value to membership, develop and implement a new member recruitment program, collect member data and implement the bi-annual Compensation and Benefits Survey, advise CEO on matters relating to members and potential members.  Also determine awardees for Academic Scholarships each year.

Term: Two Years and Renewable

Membership: BOD and general members, between 6 and 8 Total

Annual Calendar/Schedule of Specific Tasks to be Addressed:

  • Quarterly Committee and Staff Rocks established in January, April, July and October
  • Review content of biennial Compensation Survey in Mid Feb – April
  • Review Applications for Academic Scholarships April 1 – May 1; announce awardees by May 15
  • Review Member Benefits Annually
  • Review Member Data Annually
  • Committee Chair Confirmed in November; member confirmed in December

Current Membership:

  • Bernadette Kappen, Chair  New York Institute for Special Education
  • Thomas Panek, Guiding Eyes
  • David Morgan, Future In Sight
  • Joe Bogart, BVA
  • Lee Nasehi, VisionServe Alliance
  • Wendy Hymes, VisionServe Alliance

Date of Update: June 18, 2019