Roxann Mayros headshotBy Roxann Mayros, CEO, VisionServe Alliance

VisionServe Alliance is a rich, vibrant network of non-profit leaders from throughout the United States, and now Canada, that provide specialized services to people with vision loss.  Our mission and daily focus is to bring together the full diversity of services provided to people of all ages with vision loss for important conversations and collaborations.  Members include organizations focused on these services:

Services offered by our members

Why is this important?  Because VisionServe Alliance is bringing down traditional service solos where educators only talked to educators or employers only talked to employers, with the ultimate goal of unifying the many issues and organizations operating independently of one another in the field.  Just one example is how those who serve the babies and toddlers learn from those who serve school age or young working adults the skills that need to be developed early on to successfully navigate growing up without sight. Over the last several decades, we have seen collaborative projects, national trends, stronger management and leadership, and advocacy issues born from the many conversations and activities VisionServe Alliance facilitates.

The scope and diversity of services to people with vision loss are keys to our strengths.  Our member organizations are working to improve lives and communities in countless ways all over the country, with specialties and missions that respond to every kind of need at all levels of society. VisionServe Alliance members come from 37 States, the District of Columbia, and Canada.

The features that distinguish us – our spectrum of talents, missions, and nationwide view – are much of what make the nonprofit service providers an unparalleled force for progress and social cohesion.  Just as important is the characteristic that VisionServe Alliance’s 100+ members share a fundamental, collective commitment to the public good, to generosity and voluntary effort.

Yet, for the things we have in common, for our unifying values and common needs, it’s essential to have an organization that stands for the whole.  This is VisionServe Alliance’s mission!

So, welcome to the first article in what will be an ongoing series about VisionServe Alliance members, what they are doing, how they are working together, and VisionServe Alliance’s role in facilitating these conversations, acting as a collaborative matchmaker, and our continuing pursuit of leadership excellence within our membership by providing high-level learning opportunities, policy updates, networking, and knowledge-sharing.  We welcome your contributions and comments.

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