Roxann Mayros headshotBy Roxann Mayros, President, VisionServe Alliance

There is strength in numbers.  The scope and diversity of services to people with vision loss are keys to VisionServe Alliance’s strength. The features that distinguish your Alliance – your spectrum of talents, missions, and nationwide view – are much of what make VisionServe Alliance’s members an unparalleled force for progress and social cohesion. Just as important is the characteristic that VisionServe Alliance members share a fundamental, collective commitment to the public good, to generosity and voluntary effort.

Yet, for the things you have in common, for your unifying values and common needs, it’s essential to have an organization that stands for the whole.   

Together … You Speak With One Voice

There is strength in collective expertise.  By weaving your various efforts into a strong and consistent commitment, VisionServe Alliance members help other members to adapt, innovate, and excel. Most important, your coalition improves lives. Through your membership, members hear their individual voices amplified nationally. Each of you benefit from the collective expertise and knowledge of colleagues from around the United States. Through VisionServe Alliance, leaders providing services to people with vision loss collaborate to find creative solutions to some of this country’s biggest challenges.

Together … You Improve Lives

There is strength in coalition.  VisionServe Alliance members enrich lives and communities throughout the United States and now in Canada in diverse ways such as teaching independent travel with white canes or guide dogs, preparing toddlers for school, opening access to jobs and careers, teaching skills for independent living, teaching the use of and providing access to Braille, using magnification to enhance residual vision, advocating on behalf of people with vision loss, assuring high quality standards and certifications exist, and providing access to equality in education.

Drawing such a large and varied community together, envisioning your collective potential, and organizing your vast network of talent and resources is crucial to the success of communities everywhere.

Together … You Are More Effective

There is success through experience.  Through VisionServe Alliance, members share vital expertise that enriches and enlarges their work.  Assembling information from a wealth of practical and technical resources, allows you to spotlight successful approaches to accountability, effectiveness, communications, and best practices in services to people with vision loss or blindness. By sharing expertise, each of you help organizations of all types respond to problems and enrich lives.

Together … You Are Smarter

There is power in knowledge.  Your attendance at twice annual conferences provides a premier opportunity to explore pressing issues from around the country and to network with top leaders from throughout the country. The connections that result, which often lead to continuing partnerships, create new ways of thinking and practical plans of action for organizations and for communities. By working together, VisionServe Alliance members extend their impact far beyond any one service system or organization!

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