VisionServe Alliance is more than just a membership organization–it’s a consortium of dedicated leaders of nonprofit organizations who share in the belief that together we can achieve goals that individual members cannot accomplish alone.

When you join VisionServe Alliance you are connected to a nationwide network of your peers who share your concerns and who support your efforts.  Imagine exchanging ideas and problem-solving with a room full of experts.  As a member of VisionServe Alliance, you receive tools that help you to foresee nonprofit trends to stay ahead of the curve like workshops, webinars, conferences, and opportunities to affect public policy in shaping business strategies and strengthening your ability carry out your agency’s core mission.

This is why VisionServe Alliance was formed–to give you access to a powerful network of influencers, thinkers, and leaders.  And on top of this, membership pays!  Our members receive scalable benefits that save real dollars for their organizations.  For example, some members are saving tens of thousands of dollars while enjoying the following:

  • A retirement program that waives all fees
  • Unemployment tax savings
  • Compensation and benefits studies
  • Scholarships
  • On-site consulting
  • Webinars
  • Discounted office supplies and a purchasing pool
  • Memberships in GrantStation and the Society of Nonprofit Organizations
  • e-Newsletters that offer valuable information and tips on fundraising, nonprofit management, medical breakthroughs and more
  • Magazines

…and so much more

Read our recent blog post by David Ekin, CEO of member St. Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired, or read our Member Testimonials or check out some of our Member Spotlights.

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