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VisionServe Alliance, the Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition ( AVLNC) and The Ohio State University College of Optometry Provide Groundbreaking Data on the Rate of Blindness and Low Vision.

The Big Data Report Project

The Big Data Project reports are the only studies that, in one document, provide comprehensive descriptions of older people with vision impairment at the national, state, and county levels. Data sets included in the project are the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) and the American Community Survey (ACS).

In addition to the National Big Data Report, state reports have already been published for many states, with added state reports coming soon. Click below to learn more about the Bug Data Reports for both age groups – Working Age Aduts 18-64) and Adults 65+.

Policymakers and advocates can use Big Data Project briefings to develop programs designed to improve the lives of older people with vision loss.

Report data provides a powerful tool for agency and organizational leadership and their development and marketing teams to quantify state and local needs and strengthen funding outreach by employing powerful statistics and current needs-based data.

Click here to learn more about the methodology behind our Big Data reports.

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Importance of the Big Data Project!

“We’ve been talking about needing data for years. Those of us who have been serving in this field know anecdotally how large this population is, but we’ve never had this specific data to back up what we were saying. One of the biggest challenges in providing services to the low vision community is a lack of funding that ties to a lack of data.”

Lauren Branch, President & CEO
NewView Oklahoma

“New York’s Big Data Report helps to frame issues and critical needs and was shared with the New York State Office of the Governor, the New York State Commission for the Blind, the New York State Chief Disability Officer, the New York State Department of Health, and the New York City Department for the Aging. New York uses the report to advocate for more state funding to serve the older blind population.”

Nancy D. Miller, Executive Director/CEO

“The Texas Big Data Report helps support the expansion of our Older Individuals Who are Blind program.  Stakeholders use the data for their organizations and to advocate for our OIB program and services.  The data was also a big highlight during presentations at the fall National Council of State Administrators for the Blind conference.”

Juanita Barker, Director
Office of Blind Services, Texas Workforce Commission