What People Say about VSA

What People Say about VisionServe Alliance

We are proud to receive powerful feedback from our members,
other industry leaders, sponsors, donors, and more.

“VSA’s conferences are must attend events for me. The sessions and the relationships formed are extremely valuable for any professional in this industry.”

Jason Frazier,President and CEO

“I’m a member of VisionServe Alliance for the ability to connect with my peers from around the country to continue my ongoing growth in this field, to build relationships because I know that we’re stronger together when we can have a united voice in this field, and to know that I have friends and colleagues around the country who are working so hard to create the dignity and independence for people who are blind and visually impaired.”

Denise Jess, CEO
Wisconsin Council of the BVI

“I have used VSA’s NY Big Data Report to advocate for increased funding for the older blind population. I use it in testimony for hearings and town hall meetings with elected officials. The county information is especially useful along with the county prevalence rates. It is alarming to see the high prevalence rate in the Latino/Hispanic older population. This reinforces the need for culturally sensitive outreach and services including staff that are bi-cultural as well as bi-lingual.”

Nancy D. Miller, Executive Director & CEO VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

“I gain knowledge and insight from leaders in our field, which ultimately will allow Xavier Society to better serve our patrons.  As important, this collective of organizations is working as one, to educate the many stakeholders in our field, and influence policy and legislation for the benefit of blind and visually impaired people in the U.S. and Canada.  It is always an honor to represent Xavier Society and our patrons at this event, and to be a member of this organization.”

Malachy Fallon, Executive Director
Xavier Society for the Blind

“From the earliest part of my career, just starting out as an O&M instructor, I was drawn to working with older people who were blind or visually impaired. I know there are so many older people who can still achieve new goals and inspire everyone they know to live to their fullest. It takes access to quality services. AVLNC has 4 main committees and at least a dozen working groups tackling the questions of how to make it possible for every one to keep living their best lives.”

Elly du Pré, DPA,
Accreditation Manager, AER

“The most valuable aspect of the VSA conference for me is the networking… particularly with individuals outside of the NIB/NAEPB network… this allows me to gain additional perspective and insight across different segments of the vision loss community.

Jon Katz, President & CEO
Bestwork Industries for the Blind, Inc.

“VSA’s Texas Big Data Report helps support the expansion of our Older Individuals Who are Blind program.  Stakeholders use the data for their organizations and to advocate for our OIB program and services.  The data was also a big highlight during presentations at the fall National Council of State Administrators for the Blind conference.”

Juanita Barker, Director
Office of Blind Services, Texas Workforce Commission

“As someone who has been blind all of my life, I know firsthand the liberating power of vision rehabilitation to open pathways of independence, productivity and quality of life for all of us, including older people who, just like me, live with vision loss every day. That is why I am so committed to the work of the Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition..”

Mark Richert
Co-Chair, AVLNC Policy & Funding Committee

“I appreciated attending conference sessions on leadership development, including practical applications such as creating a culture that fosters innovation; a session on the importance of research to gather data on those we serve to help demonstrate where we can have impact; and tips for effective advocacy and influencing public policy. The networking opportunities helped me connect with CEOs new to the field and I brought ideas and resources back to my organization that will help propel us forward.”

George Abbott, President & CEO
The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.