What We Do

What We Do

VisionServe Alliance helps advance crucial aspects of the vision loss field and cultivates exceptional leadership characterized by passion, respect, authenticity, accountability, and strategic thinking.

A culture of excellence, innovation, and inclusiveness…

Promotes the participation of executives and policy shapers with blindness and low vision and stakeholders from all backgrounds and focus areas. Ongoing leadership, education, and targeted networking opportunities:

  • Provide the format and context to strengthen leadership skills.
  • Help member organizations increase capacity-building and sustainability.
  • Improve the quality of products and services.
  • Shape public policy and much more.

Our member organizations and Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition come together for one purpose – to transform the lives of people facing the challenge of blindness and low vision. Learn more about VisionServe Alliance.

How We Do It

Extensive collaboration and industry support with education, leadership training, data insights, tools & resources, public policy, advocacy, and more.

Membership Support

Our members are our partners, and we support them in all aspects to deliver the highest quality services to people with blindness and low vision. VisionServe Alliance membership provides tremendous member benefits – tens of thousands of dollars in potential cost savings – plus access to a member portal rich with resources and data, a robust electronic system for increased patient referrals, and more. Become a Member Today. Already a member? Access valuable resources in the Member portal.

Conferences and Education

VisionServe Alliance provides an exclusive forum for vision rehabilitation industry CEOs and their teams to network, collaborate, innovate, and hone their leadership skills. Our continuing education includes annual executive leadership conferences, frequent virtual events, a bi-weekly newsletter, and ongoing discussion groups that explore essential industry topics, issues, opportunities, and concerns. Visit our calendar for upcoming events, and learn more about our virtual events.

Executive Leadership Consultancy

We match the best and brightest in vision loss services with the best and brightest in organizational and leadership development. Our partnerships with System & Soul, Ramerman Leadership Group, Kolbe Corp, and The Leadership Challenge® provide access to world-class custom consulting services uniquely tailored to address key issues impacting the loss field. Learn more about all of our Executive Leadership consulting services.

Networking and Collaboration

VisionServe Alliance is the communication channel through which our members share information and best practices while addressing services, legislation, leadership, and management challenges. Learn more about our networking opportunities and visit our calendar for upcoming events.

Our Coalition and Committees

Our committees comprised of 160+ organizations and leaders are energized, cohesive, and effective. They provide members and partners a seat at the table, with opportunities to advocate, educate, and influence public policy. Learn more below about our committees and the Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition (AVLNC).

VisionServe Alliance Committees

IDEAL Committee

Charged with identifying and cultivating best practices and resources for advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and cultural competency throughout the vision loss field.

Public Policy Committee

Advances VisionServe Alliance’s advocacy efforts in cooperation with members, other vision, allied health, education, and industry professionals and organizations to provide enhanced access for people with blindness and low vision.

Membership Committee

Annually reviews membership levels, dues, and benefits for Board recommendations and creates programs, services, recruitment strategies, and practices.

Conference Committee

Assists VisionServe Alliance staff in planning and producing successful and engaging conferences and events that are informative, relevant, and beneficial for all attendees.

The Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition (AVLNC)

With millions of Americans, 55+ having difficulty seeing even when wearing glasses and nearly 1 in 10 people over 75 unable to see with vision correction, the need for information and action is greater than ever. In response to this growing need, AVLNC addresses a broad range of strategic issues impacting age-related blindness and vision loss.

The Big Data Project empowers leaders in the field through state- and county-level data regarding the rate of blindness and low vision among people 65+. Our reports also elucidate the rate of chronic conditions, quality of life, and disability indicators among older adults.

Our AVLNC committees address the need for inclusion of aging and vision loss in degree programs within medical, therapeutic, and social services fields, advocate for bipartisan support to increase funding for vital vision services, improve public transportation services, raise public awareness, and influence public policy. See the list of our AVLNC committees below to learn more.

four AVLNC committees Address Major Industry initiatives:

Access to Quality Services Committee

Learn More

Data and Research Committee

Learn More

Policy and Funding Committee

Learn More

Public Awareness Committee

Learn More

How Can You Help?

There are many ways to get involved and support VisionServe Alliance.