Virtual Events

Virtual Events

VisionServe Alliance offers monthly Virtual events, including webinars, added education and leadership sessions, and Members-Only affinity groups.

Members-Only Affinity Groups

VisionServe Alliance offers monthly Members-Only affinity groups focused on critical topics. Affinity groups provide a vital forum for industry leaders to discuss key issues, highlight innovations, increase collaboration, share best practices, and vital networking opportunities.

CEO Affinity Groups

We welcome leaders to gather for discussion on our unique field as an organizational head. All VSA Member CEOs and Executive Directors are welcome to attend. See your Member eNews for a registration link or contact Helen Chapman to participate.

Small Org Affinity Groups

Affinity Group for leaders of our smaller members! This virtual group addresses topics and issues relevant to smaller organizations and is open to the chief executive of any VSA Member with less than $2 million in annual operating expenses. Pre-registration is required to participate. See your Member eNews for a registration link, or contact Helen Chapman to participate. We look forward to connecting each month and sharing knowledge.

Webinars & Other Virtual Sessions

VisionServe Alliance hosts monthly webinars and other virtual events featuring topics that interest you most. Webinars and many added sessions are open to VSA members and non-members. See our calendar for upcoming webinars and other virtual events, or contact Helen Chapman to participate.

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