Executive Pathways Series

Executive Pathways Series

Attend our new series Executive Pathways to hear from experts on helping navigate, manage, and lead under these new circumstances. This series will replace our monthly 333 Hot Topics. Our first episode in the series Executive Pathways Series: Navigating the Return to the Workplace will be in partnership with InsperityJoin us on 6/10 at 3 pm ET. Register to attend the Executive Pathways Series Session 1

  • Transitioning employees & employers back to the workplace
  • Maintaining morale & mindfulness in a crisis
  • Challenges ahead, how Insperity works with clients to mitigate employer liabilities

Insperity’s goal is to help businesses succeed so communities prosper. They recognize that it is people that fuel an organization’s growth, help businesses reach their goals and cultivate the company’s culture. People are a business’ biggest asset AND biggest liability. Insperity’s HR expertise is designed to meet you where you are and give you the lift needed to overcome business challenges.

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State of Vision Rehab services in the age of COVID-19

State of Vision Rehabilitation Services in COVID-19 Weekly Program Leaders Call

As we all recognize, COVID-19 has created an environment requiring new approaches to the provision of Vision Rehabilitation Services.  VisionServe Alliance is launching a weekly call to serve as a platform for Program Directors or Managers (CEO’s are welcome to join as well) to present information, share resources, and answer questions on the subject. This call will be via Zoom every Thursday at 3 pm EST.

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The information presented and gathered through these calls is one aspect of the field’s effort to learn about and assure best practices as we have all had to pivot in this crisis.

There are multiple layers of work being conducted on this subject by many of our national organizations including ACVREP, AER, APH, and AFB.  Mississippi State University and VSA are exploring a collaborative project that would facilitate the development of best practices (and perhaps standards down the road) for the provision of remote vision rehabilitation services for organizations and includes a research component. Ultimately all organizations involved in the field will have input and be asked to validate these. There is exciting work afoot in the field of vision rehabilitation, that has the potential to greatly impact the extent of our reach.

Spiel & Steal

Round table discussion

Many of you have participated in the Spiel & Steal session we host at our bi-annual conferences.

*NEW* Spiel & Steal will now be hosted once a month moving forward.  Join us for a general discussion about what’s going on at your organization and how we can collaborate together. This will be a time of unguided discussion to share your voice and hear from others during COVID-19. In order to attend the new monthly session, please register here. 

Virtual happy Hour

Happy Hour

As a leader in times of crisis, you are working overtime, giving to your staff and the mission more than ever before. VisionServe Happy Hours – the best place to relax with your friends! BYOB and join us for the following two Happy Hours this month: 

*NEW* Moving forward, we will be hosting these Happy Hours once a month for each group. 

  • Retired Members – Thursday, 6/11
  • All members & friends – Friday 6/19

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