Kolbe A Index

Kolbe A Index & Leadership Consulting

The Kolbe A index clarifies your natural ways of taking action to increase productivity and collaborate most effectively. 

Leverage Your Innate Strengths

Kolbe provides a greater understanding of your innate problem-solving instincts, validating when and why you’ve succeeded, personally and professionally. You may have taken other assessments during your career, some testing knowledge, while others measure skills or personality traits. The Kolbe A Index identifies your unique strengths, factors that drive success and the intuitive way you take action. This insight helps leaders approach challenges and opportunities productively and with greater joy and ease.

Kolbe also helps you cultivate a high-performance team by ensuring that the right talent occupies the right roles and reducing organizational talent gaps. Follow our proven method to obtain immediate, actionable insight into personal productivity, team performance, job alignment & hiring.

This breakthrough program includes a Kolbe Index A assessment for leaders and their teams, plus one-on-one and group sessions to help you harness the power of your unique Kolbe Index results.

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Kolbe A Index

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