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Join forces with hundreds of organizations and leaders in the field, access exclusive members-only events, and receive tremendous member benefits to strengthen your organization, cultivate leadership, and reduce costs.

Explore Member Benefits for You and Your Organization  

VisionServe Alliance members receive access to exclusive industry data, leadership conferences, members-only meetings, workshops, webinars, and reports, plus significant cost savings. See the complete list of benefits below.

Join a Dynamic Collective of Leaders

A VisionServe Alliance membership provides the latest information and most effective tools industry leaders need to strengthen member organizations. Membership also creates unique opportunities to collaborate with industry peers and share best practices to elevate networking to the highest level. Our coalition addresses the strategic issues that most affect our industry, influences national policy, enhances management systems, advances best practices, increases awareness of vital services, and fosters industry innovation on a national, state, and local level.

Access our Powerful Network

The VisionServe Alliance member network supports more than 150,000 blind and visually impaired people nationally, with an annual economic contribution of nearly $300,000,000 in the US alone. View a list of Members and hear what they say about VisionServe Alliance.

Which Organization Membership is Right for You?

Non-Profit Members

For Chief Executives of non-profits and charitable organizations recognized under the laws of the United States and Canada whose primary mission is the provision of services, products, and/or support to people who are blind or have low vision and/or the organizations serving them and support the goals and values of the Alliance. Dues are based on annual operating expenses according to line 18 of your organization’s latest IRS form 990.

Associate Organizations

For Chief Executives of for-profit organizations involved in the provision of services, products and/or support to people who are blind or have low vision and/or the organizations serving them; and for non-profit organizations whose missions include the provision of services, products, and/or support to people who are blind or have low vision and/or the organizations serving them but may not be primary or exclusive. Examples include but are not limited to, eye banks, assistive technology product and training companies serving people of all disabilities, aging and healthcare organizations, Centers for Independent Living, academic institutions, and research entities. The key difference in benefits between Associates and regular VSA Members is that Associates do not have a vote in organizational business. Dues are based on annual operating expenses.

Grant-Making Organizations

This membership is for Chief Executives of organizations that provide grants to nonprofit organizations in the blindness and low vision field. Dues are $500 for all Grant-Making Organizations.

Powerful Member Benefits

Membership is restricted to the Executive Director/CEO of non-profits or charitable organizations (recognized under the laws of the United States and Canada) whose primary mission is to serve people who are blind or visually impaired and who support the goals and values of VisionServe Alliance. Dues based on annual operating expenses, can be determined based on your organization’s latest IRS form 990, line 18.

What Members SAY!

“I am a strong believer in the value of partnerships and collaborations. Attending the VSA conferences has been a great way to find partners and collaborators, learn new information to be a better administrator and steal good ideas from colleagues around the country. Bring along your executive team for even greater impact!”

Nancy D. Miller, Executive Director/CEO VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

“VSA’s conferences are must attend events for me. The sessions and the relationships formed are extremely valuable for any professional in this industry.”

Jason Frazier, President and CEO

“I’m a member of VisionServe Alliance for the ability to connect with my peers from around the country to continue my ongoing growth in this field, to build relationships because I know that we’re stronger together when we can have a united voice in this field, and to know that I have friends and colleagues around the country who are working so hard to create the dignity and independence for people who are blind and visually impaired.”

Denise Jess, CEO
Wisconsin Council of the BVI