Executive Leadership Consulting

Executive Leadership Consulting advances the entire vision loss field.

Executive Leadership Consulting

VisionServe Consulting empowers, emboldens, and equips leaders and their teams. Our consulting services help build healthy organizations that fulfill their mission.

Successful organizations have clear, consistent, and comprehensive operating systems and healthy leadership cultures

Our targeted resources foster healthy, relevant, and effective organizational leadership, which benefits the people we collectively serve – individuals of all ages facing blindness and low vision. Executives in our field may come from outside the BVI industry, while others rising within our industry may also lack vital management training and leadership experience. All executive leaders benefit from additional training, experiences, knowledge, and peer support. VSA leadership training delivers tangible results through an unrivaled combination of one-on-one and group consulting sessions (in-person or online), webinars, seminars, and self-paced online courses and workshops addressing crucial leadership topics and issues.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Partnering with Ramerman Leadership Group, we offer two unique Executive Leadership Coaching series, one for CEOs and another tailored for other leadership positions. What makes our program so different from traditional coaching? Our series provides essential engagement and leadership discussions with other leaders in the field.

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System & Soul Implementation and Coaching

System & Soul is a smart, stable system that provides a flexible operations framework to support growing organizations and the executives who lead them. We offer two program options in partnership with System & Soul, Full-Service implementation with coaching and Micro-academy implementation.

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Kolbe A Index

The Kolbe A index helps you understand the unique instinctive ways you take action. Kolbe A Index results help leaders approach opportunities and challenges in the most productive ways and result in a less stressful and more joyful life – professionally and personally.

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The Leadership Challenge

Our Leadership Challenge program features the 360° Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), an assessment that provides insights into how you see yourself as a leader and how others view you. The program inspires the breakthrough self-analysis required to build positive relationships and achieve the extraordinary.

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Leadership Development Program Benefits

These are some of the benefits and returns on investment with a leadership development program:
  • Improved productivity – Leaders cultivate the skills and knowledge they need to be most effective – leading to improved productivity.
  • Enhanced employee engagement – Many leaders become more engaged and committed to their roles – impacting employee engagement, a positive work environment, and inspiring their teams.
  • Reduced turnover results in lower costs, including lower recruitment and training expenses. In today’s tight labor market, higher retention rates have an even more significant impact on performance.
  • Increased innovation – Inspired teams think creatively, innovate, and develop the confidence to take smart risks that support the organization. Coaching can foster a culture of innovation and growth.
  • Improved customer satisfaction – Inspired teams are also better equipped to deliver high-quality products and services to customers, increasing loyalty, retention, and revenue.
  • Succession planning – A leadership development program helps leaders identify and develop high-potential employees for future leadership roles.
  • Thought leadership – Organizations that invest in leadership development programs demonstrate a commitment to employees and change – enhancing an organization’s reputation and making it a more attractive workplace for potential employees and a more vital partner for clients.

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