AVLNC Access to Quality Services Committee

Access to Quality Services (AQS) Committee

Our highest priority is to ensure that every person facing blindness and low vision can access all services they need to live safely, confidently, joyfully, and independently.

Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition (AVLNC)
Access to Quality Services Committee Focus Areas

Personnel Prep Programs
Working Group

Addressing the need for inclusion of aging and, blindness & low vision in degree programs for those entering the fields of gerontology, occupational therapy, and other related training programs in fields that serve older adults. This group also addresses the need to recruit individuals into the aging and vision loss field as more senior professionals depart.

Toolkit Development for Professionals and Individuals

Creates toolkits and resources for professionals and individuals facing blindness and vision loss. Access our Service Provider Toolkit.

Transportation Working

Leads the Transportation Working Group that considers the broader aspects of inaccessible transportation throughout the country and is comprised of professionals from multiple organizations committed to accessible transportation for older adults and individuals with any disability.

Access to Quality Services Committee & Added Resources

Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition (AVLNC)
Service Provider Toolkit

Time to be Bold

If you are experiencing vision loss, Time To Be Bold can connect you with the help you need.


VisionAware provides important online resources, plus a hotline to call for help and connect individuals with blindness and vision loss with vision rehabilitation services.

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We need you. The Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition needs more talented leaders and volunteers to advance our vital work. It’s an ideal opportunity to volunteer personally or nominate someone from your team as an essential professional development and visibility opportunity.

Volunteer to make a difference in the lives of people with blindness and low vision. Contact Helen Chapman to join one of these committees.

“From the earliest part of my career, I was drawn to working with older people who were blind or visually impaired. I know there are so many older people who can still achieve new goals and inspire everyone they know to live to their fullest. It takes access to quality services. AVLNC has 4 main committees and at least a dozen working groups tackling the questions of how to make it possible for everyone to keep living their best lives.”

Elly du Pré, DPA,
Accreditation Manager, AER &
Co-Chair, AVLNC Access to Quality Services

“My passion is for the provision of equitable, accessible, and excellent services for older people with vision loss. I don’t think our field and our nation have done nearly enough. The good news is that we have an Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition that is working hard on this right now. Get involved. It will sustain you and without it, nothing else really matters.”

Pris Rogers
Co-Chair, AVLNC Policy & Funding Committee