AVLNC Policy and Funding Committee

Policy and Funding Committee

A concerted effort to enact Public Policy change is essential to advance our industry and significantly enhance access to vital services for people with blindness and low vision.

Open access requires that funding be available for all individuals to access life-changing Vision Rehabilitation services. AVLNC’s Policy and Funding Committee is dedicated to accomplishing this crucial achievement.

Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition (AVLNC)
Policy and Funding Committee Focus Areas

Proposed Teddie-Joy’s Law

As a top priority for AVLNC, we are building bipartisan support for the introduction of Teddie-Joy’s Law to increase funding and services for older people across the US facing blindness and low vision. Support for this bill includes multiple federal agencies. See the Teddies-Joy’s law document in the resources below.

Medicare Reimbursement

The Medicare Working Group subcommittee will address Medicare’s reimbursement exclusion for services provided by non-medical vision rehabilitation professionals. The group will explore regulatory changes versus legislative changes in the Medicare program.


While the core focus of this committee is Teddie-Joy’s Law and Medicare revision, its members also advocate issues supported and advanced by our partner organizations. Calls to action are forwarded to committee members to maximize engagement. Let your voice be heard by opting in for our advocacy texts below.

Committee Co-Chairs

Mark Richert

Pris Rogers

To receive communications and updates on committee activities, please email Helen Chapman. Let your voice be heard by opting in for our advocacy texts below.

Committee Resources

Proposed Teddie Joy’s Law Outline

View the Older Americans Act Reauthorization Recommendations

Our Response to the Proposed Revisions to the Older Americans Act Regulations

More about the Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition

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VisionServe Alliance Members and the Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition (AVLNC) leaders are vital advocates to increase support for Vision Rehabilitation and other services benefiting individuals with blindness and low vision.

As a valued leader in our community, your opinion matters to policymakers, including local officials, legislators, and members of Congress. Whether your mission focuses on advocacy or providing services, you can play a vital role in helping us impact public policy to maximize budget allocations.

You are uniquely positioned and empowered to amplify the voice of those you serve, ensuring they are heard on the issues that most dramatically affect their lives at local, state, and national levels. Join the alliance and let your voice be heard!

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“When consumers, professionals, administrators and other advocates band together with policymakers and public program implementers, we can truly change the world. That is why I am so committed to the work of the Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition. Together, we all will achieve the imperatives embodied in Teddie-Joy’s Law, and we will end the monstrous inequity that America’s failure to honor our fathers and mothers represents. We can do this, if we have your help.

Mark Richert
Co-Chair, AVLNC Policy & Funding Committee

“My passion is for the provision of equitable, accessible, and excellent services for older people with vision loss. I don’t think our field and our nation have done nearly enough. The good news is that we have an Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition that is working hard on this right now. Get involved. It will sustain you and without it, nothing else really matters.”

Pris Rogers
Co-Chair, AVLNC Policy & Funding Committee

“With the population of seniors with vision loss growing exponentially, and current estimates indicating that only 3% of this population are receiving the services they need to remain living independently, the term “Crisis” is an understatement. In order to address this quality of service and inadequate funding crisis, it is imperative that the proposed Teddie-Joy’s Law be acted upon by Congress.”

Jeff Thom