In celebration of our 30th year of incorporation, we are challenging our supporters to make a contribution with a 30 in the number and to make it in addition to what they already give to VisionServe. We are proud to tell you that in one afternoon our committed Board and supporters have already contributed nearly $17,000 towards our goal of raising $30,000!

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What is the purpose of this campaign and why are we committed to it? This fund will allow VisionServe Alliance to grow to the next level of organizational maturity operationally, programmatically, financially, and technologically. VisionServe needs to upgrade technology and its website to expand communication networks and learning opportunities, grow our membership, innovate opportunities for collaborations among national networks, and expand its brand.

Please join us with your personal or organizational contribution to our 30/300/3000 campaign.

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Donation Total: $100

VisionServe Alliance is a membership organization registered as a 501(c)(3). We are dedicated to being good stewards of our mission of engaging leaders in building a better world through services for people with vision loss and thank you in advance for your support.

Donations may also be allocated to fund the following scholarship programs:

Rachel Rosenbaum Conference Scholarship

VisionServe Alliance offers two conferences a year, one in the spring and another in the fall. While we continuously strive to streamline expenses and keep registration fees low, budgetary restrictions may keep some organizations from benefiting or attending. Recipients (CEO/Executive Directors of member organizations) of the Rachel Rosenbaum Conference Scholarship will be awarded a one-time scholarship to cover conference registration fees and hotel costs.

VisionServe Alliance Academic Scholarship

The VisionServe Alliance Academic scholarship program supports the next generation of professionals working in the field of blindness and vision rehabilitation. Applicants must be an employee of a VisionServe Alliance member organization and are eligible for a one-time award of up to $1,500.

Online donations will be processed through PayPal, a merchant known for its secured handling of online financial transactions.

However, if you’d prefer to make an offline donation, please mail checks to our corporate office:

Roxann Mayros, President and CEO
VisionServe Alliance
8760 Manchester Road
St. Louis, MO 63144