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The National Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision (NRTC)

Training & resources for vision rehabilitation professionals, employers, people who are blind or have low vision, and their families.

NRTC’s Resource Catalog

This catalog provides a broad range of training, information, resources, and apps for vision rehabilitation professionals, employers, people facing blindness or low vision, and their families. Click button to view or download the catalog.

Education for Vision Rehabilitation and other professionals about Blindness and Low Vision

Download NRTC’s catalog for links to these and many other important resources!

  • Blindness & Low Vision Certificate Program for Business Development Professionals – information about Blindness and Low Vision for professionals who focus on business engagement
  • Orientation Packet for New VR Professionals – introductory guide for new professionals about working with consumers with Blindness and Low Vision
  • Vision Specialist Program – one-year certificate program
  • Multiple online courses
  • Improving Business Development Skills: A Training for Rehabilitation Professionals – free, multi-module online course. Training is also available in-person or virtually (via Zoom) for agencies. Contact NRTC for more information.
  • Working with Businesses to Improve Employment Outcomes – evidence- based practice guide with recommendations for agencies and counselors about working with businesses
  • Recommendations for VR Professionals Regarding a First Meeting with an Employer – brief practice guide that summarizes results and recommendations from a research study about the impact of first meeting with an employer

Download NRTC’s catalog for links to these and many other important resources!

  • 4to24 App – mobile and web app for youth with B/LV and their parents; and for parents of youth with deafblindness and other disabilities
  • Career Advantage for V.I.P.s – free online multi-module course that covers career exploration and job search preparation
  • Resource Sheet for Job Seekers
  • Advice for Disclosing Your Vision Impairment
  • Yes, Youth Can Work and Still Receive SSI – parent and youth fact sheets that provide information on working while receiving SSI
  • Employment Mentoring Manual – resource for individuals who are interested in looking for a mentor (also useful to professionals interested in starting a mentoring program)
  • Preparing for a Video Interview – two video examples, one of a well-prepared and one of an unprepared candidate participating in a video interview

Resources and Training for Employers

Download NRTC’s catalog for links to these and many other important resources!

  • National Technical Assistance Center on Blindness & Low Vision for Businesses section
  • Human Resources Guide for Working with Employees Experiencing Vision Loss
  • Inquiring Minds Video Series – brief videos that answer questions employers may have about employing someone with B/LV
  • Meet Employees – stories about employed individuals with B/LV
  • Quiz: Blindness in the Workplace


NRTC can provide in-person or virtual training on the topic of an agency’s choice. Some topics we typically cover are included in our Training Topics document, found at

Access to Free online Courses

The NRTC offers a wide assortment of online courses covering a variety of topics. These courses are free of charge, and most offer ACVREP and CRC continuing education credit! Visit our continuing education page for a list of available courses.

Contact NRTC

For more information visit NRTC’s website for professionals or email NRTC at to learn more.