VisionRefer is an online, HIPAA compliant patient referral system to facilitate and encourage eyecare professionals to refer patients to accredited vision rehabilitation specialists. A referring doctor or other referral source can see the organization assigned and the progress of their patient through status updates and organization notes. All patients remain in the care of their doctors. Patients receive specialized care from accredited vision rehabilitation specialists who provide necessary life skills for living with low vision.

VisionRefer is currently serving populations in cities and counties across seventeen states with every county in Florida, Oklahoma, & Indiana fully provided for.

You can visit the website at

For assistance with your account, send us an email at:  or give us a call at 314-257-0528

How VisionRefer Works

A doctor’s office or other referring source enters a patient’s basic contact information, including name, address, phone number, email, and birthday, as well as any other pertinent documentation into the web-based referral form. Referrals are sent through our HIPAA compliant secure system and are assigned to the closest vision rehabilitation specialist to the patient’s home address. A member rehabilitation agency contacts the patient within 3 business days to discuss their individual needs and what services they can provide to improve living with low vision. Patients get an opportunity to learn about resources available in their area, consult vision specialists on daily activities, and receive support from within their own community.

Why Refer with VisionRefer

  • VisionRefer is completely free. We strive to add value to a patient’s care without adding cost.
  • It’s easy to use. Instead of filling out yet another lengthy form, simply input a patient’s basic information and upload an eye report. Click submit and you’re done.
  • You can track your patient’s status and progress. Patients remain in your care. You can see the progress your patients have made through organization notes and status updates.
  • It’s an enhanced level of patient care. Referring your patients ensures that they get access to tools and techniques beyond their medical care that will assist living with low vision.
  • The system is HIPAA Compliant and secure. VisionRefer creates a safe way to send patient information to an accredited provider without worrying about busy fax lines or security concerns.


  • User login required for access
  • BAA certified with Microsoft Azure for encrypted data input and storage
  • Patient information is only sent to accredited vision rehabilitation specialists
  • Uploaded files remain encrypted within the cloud
  • No information is sent via unsecured methods such as fax or email.

How do I sign up as a doctor?

A. Sign up is quick and easy. Just click on Create Account at

How do I sign up as a VisionServe Alliance member organization?

A. Member agency accounts are created by the VisionRefer admin team. If you are interested in joining VisionRefer as a provider, email us at

Who can be a listed organization on VisionRefer!?

A. At the moment, only members of VisionServe Alliance can be a listed provider on VisionRefer. To learn about becoming a member, visit Become a Member