VSAELC 2021 Help

Screen Reader Tips

View screen reader tips and tricks while using the conference website.

Logging In

No password is required to log in. To access the conference website, you must enter your first and last name as well as the email you registered with. You will be sent an email and a text message with a verification code (same code). Enter this code on the login page to enter.

Video Recordings – Available for 60 Days

 All videosare now available for viewing on-demand on their individual session pages. To watch the recordings of the session, please visit each session page and click the “Watch recording” button 

White and red button in the middle of the session page banner saying replay.
Screenshot of a session page with red arrow pointing to the Watch recording button on screen.

CEU Credits

VSA will be sending out CEU credits the week of 5/10, See your emails for details.

Attendees can earn up to 13.5 CEUs by attending the live conference sessions. CEUs will be applied to your registration automatically after attending a session. After the event, VSA will notify you of the credits you have earned and how to redeem them.

Note: some sessions run concurrently. Attendees cannot earn credit for both sessions at the same time.

DateTime (CST)CreditsEvent Title
4/27/202110:30 – 11:35AM1Vu Le Keynote
4/27/202111:45 – 12:45PM1High Performing Board
4/27/202111:45 – 12:45PM1Staying Connected 
4/27/20211:15 – 2:15PM1FBC Way
4/27/20212:15 – 3:15PM1Public Policy
4/27/20212:15 – 3:15PM1Co-Lab on College Readiness
4/28/202110:30 – 11:35AM1Apart & Together Keynote
4/28/202111:45 – 12:45PM1Creating an Ethical Policy
4/28/202111:45 – 12:45PM1Developing NSITE
4/28/20211:15 – 2:15PM1AER Accreditation
4/28/20212:15 – 3:15PM1Virtual Fundraising
4/28/20212:15 – 3:15PM1Update on AVLNC Data
4/29/20219:15 – 9:45AM0.5Morning Wake-up USABA
4/29/202110:30 – 11:35AM1Myth of Functionality Keynote
4/29/202111:45 – 12:45PM1Managing in Post-Pandemic
4/29/202111:45 – 12:45PM1Risk Assessment
4/29/20211:15 – 2:15PM1Roundtable Conversation
4/29/20212:15 – 3:15PM1Panel Discussion on DEI
4/29/20212:15 – 3:15PM1Audio Description
4/29/20213:15 – 4:15PM1Daily Wrap-up/Spiel & Steal