Ready For Anything – How to Master Change and the Way We Respond to Change VSAELC2020

Ready for Anything © How to master change and the way we respond to change… To be happy and productive during these unprecedented times of change, we need to be ready for anything. That’s why Bob Kodzis studied the skill of readiness for an entire year, seeking out the wisdom of experts in fields that demand extraordinary readiness; people who successfully face down the unknown every day. During his research, Bob engaged with professional improvisers, trauma surgeons, trainers of astronauts and US Navy SEALS, animal behaviorists, and even a homeless person who spent 35 years surviving on the streets of urban America. Asking all of them how to teach someone to be ready for anything. Their lessons are simple and profound…and sometimes hilarious. And together they have the power to change the quality of a life, a team, and an organization.