Stewards of a Vision – Tools for Creating, Executing, and Evaluating Impactful Strategic Plans

VSA Small Org Affinity Group May 10, 2022

Guest Speaker: Daniel Prohaska, President & CEO at Lions Vision Services

Description/Outcomes: Gone are the days when nonprofits paid thousands of dollars for consultants to come in and develop Strategic Plans to sit in 4-inch binders on an office shelf collecting dust to be causally referenced for the next 5 years. Today Strategic Plans are crucial guide rails for organizations that need to stay nimble, adaptive, and responsive to client and societal needs. Geared towards nonprofit Executive Directors, this program will help your staff and organization, regardless of where you are in the Strategic Planning process, to harness the full energy and advancement potential of a Strategic Plan.

Participants will:

• Understand the basic structure of and process to create a 3-Year Strategic Plan, with reporting mechanisms.

• Effectively integrate appropriate input from key stakeholders, while empowering your Board to own their responsibility for the Strategic Plan.

• Understand how to leverage a Strategic Plan for fundraising opportunities.

• Anticipate and mitigate potential objections, pitfalls, obstacles, and setbacks you may encounter while creating a Strategic Plan.

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Strategic Plan Course Description

Turning Disruption into Opportunity

Turning Disruption into Opportunity – Accessible