Your Most Important Role as CEO – Protecting the Mission by Replacing Yourself VSAELC2020

A panel discussion with several VSA member CEO’s who have been through the succession planning process and CEO Transition moderated by Mike Gilliam of the San Antonio Lighthouse sharing specifics on successes, failures and the preparation required to ensure your organization survives your eventual departure (even if it is years away). Discussion points will include:

• Specific examples of various types of transitions and the learnings from them

• How to put a documented plan in place

• How much notice you should give

• What kind and how much overlap should there be

• Creating a schedule/timeline listing all of the activities associated with replacing you

• Positioning your job as a “plum” locally and nationally

• What your board should do to ensure the compensation is competitive and attractive to potential candidates and that they are an appealing “boss”


Marcus Manders, CEO, ABVI and Director of Supply Chain, Operations and Sustainability of Mary Free Bed

Kyle Johnson, CEO, Lighthouse Central Florida/ Lighthouse Works