First Nonprofit Human Resources FAQ of the Month

Question: It seems like we’ve had a lot of candidates ghosting us recently. Is there anything we can do to prevent this?

Nothing you do will prevent ghosting altogether, but there are steps you can take to keep candidates engaged and discourage them from just disappearing on you:

  • Start with a clear, descriptive job posting so they understand exactly what they are applying for.
  • Have a transparent recruitment process so every candidate knows what to expect even before they apply. Provide an outline of the interview process on your website and an estimated timeframe.
  • Communicate frequently throughout the process, especially if your process gets delayed. Even if you don’t have an update about their advancement, candidates appreciate knowing your timeline. For example, you could share something like, “We’ll finish the first round of interviews next week and will reach out the following week to let you know whether you’ll be moving to the next round.”
  • Encourage questions from candidates and answer them as quickly and thoroughly as you can.
  • Confirm with the candidate that they are still interested in the role as they move through the process.
  • Remove unnecessary steps that aren’t adding to the overall experience or won’t affect the final decision.

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