Meet Mary Pat Knight: A VSA Executive Leadership Conference 2022 Keynote Speaker

Meet Mary Pat Knight, one of our inspiring keynote speakers for our Executive Leadership Conference (VSAELC) 2022. Mary Pat is the CEO and Founder of Leaders Inspired, a global training and development firm dedicated to personal and leadership transformation. 

Her career in leadership positions has lasted over 30 years in many fields, including marketing planning, executive coaching, and much more. She believes in the importance of showing one’s true self to build strong relationships between leaders and those they lead.

A Leadership Book Worth Reading

During her keynote, Mary Pat will discuss her book, “The Humanized Leader.” She details her method of training and mentoring corporate leaders on improving their emotional intelligence to become more effective leaders. With this program, she has helped transform teams and improve the performance of corporate executives for organizations such as BP, the US Marines, MasterCard, and many more. 

“Mary Pat Knight is a leader who cares deeply, not only about the success of the organization, but also about the individual people who drive the organization.” Testimonial from Kate Leth, PHR President, Inspired Consulting

Other Leadership Tools

Later in the conference, she will speak as an exclusive to CEOs and address Phase IV of her operating system, Genius Leadership, to upgrade leadership skills and perspectives. If practiced correctly, it will teach how to recognize the genius in yourself and cultivate it in others. Learn more about Mary Pat Knight.

Likewise, Mary Pat looks forward to being able to form a deeper understanding and relationship with the visually impaired community. She encourages individuals with visual impairments to channel their mindset to motivate, inspire, direct, and remain people-focused, which she believes is the key to leadership. While she cannot yet speak to the technical aspects that relate directly to visual impairment, she promises the practices and leadership skill sets in her book transcend any form of community alignment. Additionally, an accessible form of the book is set to be released before the conference.

Join us in person in beautiful Tampa this spring! VSA invites industry professionals and leaders involved in providing service to or with people who are blind or have low vision to reflect on the impact our industry has on society and share ideas for a transformative future. The 4-day event will offer opportunities to attend exceptional learning and networking sessions on topical issues, including specific learning sessions for CEOs, Program, and Administrative staff.

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